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Vanille Naturelle Madagascar


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Vanille de Madagascar certifiée


We are proud to be the first company in Madagascar to certify our fertilizers and lychees as organic products..

In 2006, our vanilla production was also certified organic.This certification ensures that our products are grown and produced using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, meeting the highest standards of quality and food safety.We take pride in promoting organic agriculture in Madagascar and providing our customers worldwide with healthy and sustainable organic products. Vanille Naturelle Madagascar.

The Madagascar vanilla is known worldwide for its exceptional quality and unique flavor. At STOI, we are proud to produce and supply premium organic vanilla, cultivated in the fertile regions of Madagascar.

Vanille Naturelle Madagascar

Vanilla planifolia

Discover our range of Bourbon vanillas, produced from Madagascar's Vanilla Planifolia. Recognized for its characteristic taste of vanilla and fruits, as well as its rich and round aroma, our premium quality vanilla is available in three categories:

01. Premium and Gourmet Black Vanilla,
02. Red Vanilla,
03. Short and Cuts (vanilla pieces)

All our vanillas are Ecocert certified for environmentally friendly organic production.
Explore our range of vanillas and our commitment to sustainable agriculture in Madagascar.

Our Products

Vanille Naturelle Madagascar

We also cultivate other high-quality organic products with care in Madagascar. At STOI, we offer a range of quality products.
vanille de madagascar


Vanille Naturelle Madagascar

For over fifteen years, STOI has been dedicated to promoting the diversity of products from Madagascar, showcasing the quality of regional products and the craftsmanship of local artisans, while honoring the cultures and traditions of the region.

We take pride in offering our customers the very best that nature has to offer, cultivating and producing our products sustainably and organically. At STOI, we believe in the importance of preserving traditional farming practices while respecting the environment, in order to provide superior, wholesome, and environmentally friendly products.

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