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Working the land is demanding and requires a great deal of effort. Harvest collection and sorting demand careful attention and meticulous work. Despite challenging working conditions in Madagascar, our team works with unwavering determination and unwavering passion, regardless of the weather. Their greatest satisfaction comes from witnessing the fruits of their labor on the pallets. This pride and sense of accomplishment serve as an endless source of motivation for them.

Our story

Stoi Madagascar


Establishment of 'Société Trading de l'Océan Indien'


Production of organic fertilizer "Taroka"


Ecocert certification of our vanillas


Global Gap certification of our lychees

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Bourbon vanillas
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Stoi Madagascar


Vanille Naturelle is a website managed by STOI-AGRI, a branch of the STOI Group (Société Trading de l'Océan Indien) established in 1997. Since its inception, our company has been driven by respect for the land, producers, nature, and consumers.

STOI-AGRI is the first in Madagascar to certify their products (fertilizers, lychees) as organic products with ECOCERT INTERNATIONAL.

Our commitment to sustainable development is manifested through the production of our organic fertilizer "Taroka," which was launched right from the beginning.

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Our core values in organic

Stoi Madagascar


RESPECTING nature, the land, and the people who cultivate it by actively listening to all stakeholders and honoring their ideas and differences.


Embracing dynamism by fostering creativity and sharing a common vision to achieve our clients' goals.


Taking responsibility by ensuring strict quality control of our products, guaranteeing product traceability, committing to sell the harvest of the producers, and improving the working and living conditions of farmers.


Promoting sustainable development by practicing fair agriculture that enables each locality to acquire sovereignty and autonomy, thereby fostering sustainable development.


Embracing diversity by continuously expanding our range of products and collaborating with other local producers to meet the specific needs of our customers.


STOI-AGRI is committed to the development of supply chains for fruits and vegetables, spices, and legumes through sustainable, organic, and GLOBAL BAP agriculture practices. Our goal is to promote production methods that are respectful of people, the environment, and the local economy. We aim to:

  • Reconnect farmers with their land.
  • Support the preservation of small-scale farming.
  • Establish trust between consumers and Malagasy producers by ensuring the food safety
  • Strike a balance between agricultural production and environmental conservation.

Stoi Madagascar


Stoi madagascar récompense

International Award for business leadership & prestige

Stoi madagascar récompense

Foundation For Excellence in business practice

These ethical commitments are ever-evolving over time, and we strive to maintain a guiding principle that aims to preserve the balance of our Earth and the health of humankind.

Our trusted partners

Stoi Madagascar

Immeuble L’Arboretum
Village des Jeux Ankorondrano – BP : 8582
Antananarivo 101 – Madagascar

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